The Fight Over Liposuction North Port Florida And Just How To Win It

Swelling and bruising are extremely common amongst patients who have had liposuction, and the compression garments are aimed at helping them minimize this discomfort. Like any other invasive procedure, liposuction does carry a risk for infection and in order to lower it, doctors usually prescribe antibiotics.

Given the fact that liposuction only targets specific fat deposits, it should never be used as a method to lose weight. Facelifts or tummy tucks are commonly used in combination with liposuction, as these procedures come in handy for tightening the skin.

In spite of the numerous benefits of liposuction, it is important to understand that massive changes in body weight can affect the amount of fat as well. The patient will see notable improvements right away, although it may take several weeks or even months for all the swelling to go away.

Just like any other cosmetic procedure, liposuction does have some risks and benefits: the higher the area that is about to be treated, the higher the risk. Some of the common side effects of liposuction include swelling, bruising, numbness, irritation, baggy skin and small scars around the area where the cannulas were inserted in order to remove the fat. On the other hand, there are some serious side effects involved as well, such as damage to the nerves and skin, uneven skin surface and a wide array of other dangerous complications. We’ll be covering more about liposuction north port florida in this post.

When it was introduced several years ago, Smartlipo® signaled a revolution in liposuction. Smartlipo®is used to melt the fat within the fat cells (without causing significant damage to surrounding blood vessels), making it much easier to remove. As an added benefit, the laser wavelength also contracts collagen in the skin, smoothing and tightening it. Smartlipo® can be used on its own to treat smaller problem areas, or it can be used together with other treatments to target larger areas.

If you have an active lifestyle, are in overall good health, and are slightly to moderately overweight, treatment with Smartlipo® laser liposuction may be right for you. It’s important to remember that Smartlipo® alone will not result in a large volumes of fat removal. Instead, the procedure sculpts areas with difficult-to-eliminate fat deposits. If you are looking for more extensive weight loss,

including a faster recovery period (a few days compared with a week), minimal bruising and bleeding, and firmer skin tone in the treated areas. The Smart Lipo® laser dissolves fat cells while at the same time coagulating blood vessels, and removes the fat with a smaller (1mm) cannula than that used by traditional liposuction, so trauma to the treated area is greatly reduced. The laser also stimulates collagen contraction to reduce the amount of saggy skin that a traditional liposuction procedure can leave. In short with Smart Lipo®, overall results are better and recovery is faster than in traditional liposuction.

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